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Total Concept Racing Engines

George Shear


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Welcome to Total Concept Racing Engines! 'Home of the TRUE
Yellow Fin Motors' AND 2 & 4 CYCLE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS! For your next National Championship Caliber Motor, give us a call!

Call for KSUSA ENGINE RULES to be sent or go to TECH PAGE and read.

        Blueprinted Clone Carb 6619 Alum Flywheel

Clone Motor

$330 with good race cam,bored carb to 615, Max Stroke Crank, Good Valve Springs Legal for AKRA, Aluminum 6619 Flywheel*****Blueprinted $530***** Top Plate Kit extra add $90....

New High Strength Lasting Legal Springs, No More Throw Away after a few races, and track proven...


The Only Kart Racing Motor WITH A WARRANTY!





Yamaha KT100          World Formula Blueprinted

Blueprinted $1500                  $1600

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Coming Soon Pictures of Winners

Ryan Lewis- Rotax Mini Max

Jacob Loomis- Rotax Mini Max

Hunter Stine- Tag Cadet

Dean Boyd- Rotax Senior

Bob Schable- Rotax Senior

DJ Ortiz- Rotax Senior

Chris Williams- Yamaha Master Can

Lori Richardson- Yamaha Master Can

Reggie Richarson- Yamaha Master Can

Chance- Yamaha Master Can

Pete Everitt- Yamaha Master Can

Bob Stretch- Chonda Yellow Clone

Joe Emmons- Chonda Yellow Clone



Our Blueprinted Motors include the following:

Line bored if applicable, case pockets fit for proper clearance and alignment, cases trued, blocks and cylinders trued and squared to the cases, proper cc adjustments along with proper squish where applicable, carbs blueprinted, proper piston clearance and ring gap along with proper cylinder finish for less friction, and all tolerances set for max horsepower, DYNO tuned with our State of THE ART DYNO, Land and Sea and the final is CUSTOMER SUPPORT FROM US. Cell number given to all of our customers so we can be reached on the weekends while you are at the track for any questions!

600+ race wins including Feature Events on Asphault and Dirt in Briggs World Formulas, Animals, Clones, Gazelle, and Yamaha 2 Strokes and the ULTIMATE ROTAX ENGINES.

We want to thank ALL of our Racers and Crew Chiefs for a GREAT JOB WELL DONE and again we THANK YOU!

Total Concept Racing Engines is owned by George Shear of Eufaula, Oklahoma. George is NOW A 63 TIME NATIONAL CHAMPION ENGINE BUILDER for IKF, WKA, NMMA, KART and Kidsprint USA.

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For your next championship racing engine, contact TOTAL CONCEPT RACING ENGINES - where there's no match for our personal service and quality!


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